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Meet The Team

THE brokeredge is a client focused firm, meaning every decision we make from the top down is targeted on delivering exceptional customer service, expertise and local presence. We utilize technology to deliver on these objectives and drive costs down but never to replace the client relationship which is at the core of every home sale. Our firm is equipped with all the available technology and the most competent real estate agents in the industry to execute what a computer cannot, the best real estate transaction. With a local broker powered by all the technology needed to deliver exceptional results, our clients have THE edge, THE brokeredge.

Our Core Values A.S.P.I.R.E.

Aptitude – Be the best at your job.
Servitude – Leave your ego at the door. We are here to serve the client.
Passion – Love where you work®. When you’re buying a home you need an agent with a heart, not a salesperson with a goal.
Integrity – Do what is right, not what’s convenient.
Results – Be a problem solver not a problem maker.
Establish – Establishing relationships and creating community.