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Our Core Values A.S.P.I.R.E.

Aptitude – Be the best at your job.
Servitude – Leave your ego at the door. We are here to serve the client.
Passion – Love where you work®. When you’re buying a home you need an agent with a heart, not a salesperson with a goal.
Integrity – Do what is right, not what’s convenient.
Results – Be a problem solver not a problem maker.
Establish – Establishing relationships and creating community.

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In a few sentences, as a REALTOR® this is what you get at THE brokeredge:

  • Love Where You Work® – Over the years our agents loved our culture and work environment so much, we decided to trademark the phrase for real estate. You literally cannot Love Where You Work® unless you work at THE brokeredge.
  • Support from mentors that sell, so you’re not getting “theoretical” help from someone who just collects a salary and goes home at 5pm. We started from the bottom and know how to get you to the top.
  • Useful tools that get you referrals and make you look like awesome. We don’t spend money on things that don’t work. If you’re attracted to shiny objects and don’t like to work hard, this is not the place.
  • Because we spend only where it counts, we provide the best compensation structures for full-service brokerage.We adapt quick to market changes and always give our agents THE edge.

If you want to understand a bit more about our philosophy…

THE brokeredge is a client focused firm, meaning every decision we make from the top down is targeted on delivering exceptional customer service, expertise and local presence. Technology is revolutionizing how business is transacted and many well-funded tech-companies are diluting the process of buying homes in order to create hugely profitable companies. When profit becomes the core focus of a real estate company, the client is not. National brands cater to the masses so they cannot adapt to changes fast enough nor can they specialize, or they would lose their agent base. Each of these models focuses either on profit or the agent, but what is left out is the client. Understanding that people buy homes, THE brokeredge utilizes technology when it improves the customer experience and/or delivers cost savings without sacrificing quality. Technology will never replace the relationships we have with our clients and we quickly adopt the tools available in the marketplace to provide top notch service and local expertise. In addition, our office culture is of the abundance mentality, so every agent has the support of an entire team in contrast to the cut-throat sales environment. That translates into more support and a better experience for every client. At THE brokeredge, our clients will always have THE edge.